My Story

My Story

I was born in Korea and raised in Tranemo Sweden. 

I came to Sweden when I was only a few months old and since then it seems like I couldn't stop moving.

Since my graduation from Performing arts school in Gothenburg 2006, I've been working on stage and screen as an actress and performer.

Throughout the years I have lived and worked in so many places, from Washington DC to Napels, Italy to Copenhagen, Denmark and a cruiseline in the caribbean, just to mention a few.

The last years I have had my base in Berlin, Germany but am now currently in Gothenburg, Sweden.

My genuine interest in trying to understanding the human being, listen to and telling stories, combined with my strong wanderlust have brought me on an amazing journey through life.

These are also some of the reasons I love my profession as an actress and a performer. 

In my field of work I get the opportunity to meet so many different people, not only through my co-workers and people I meet when I travel, but also through the characters whose stories are being told in the plays.

Some of these stories might never been told or heard if not through the art.

That's why I see my work in the theatre as my way to contribute and be part of the society i live in.

I'm constantly looking for new exciting work opportuities and when I don't work I love to travel.

I guess I just can't stop moving...